ReportServer is a web application based on Java Servlet technologies.

Free choice of OS environment

Being a Java application, Report Server works independently of the underlying operating system - only a Java application server (SE) is required. Due to its hibernate framework ReportServer can also adjust to the chosen database of your internal data management.
You will find a list of supported databases in the hibernate documentation.

Wide ranging database support

Supports various data sources.

In principle, ReportServer can be used with any relational database for which a JDBC driver is available. But since manufacturer-specific SQL extensions are used for performance reasons, it might be necessary to extend ReportServer accordingly.

Currently supported databases are:

Microsoft SQL Server
IBM Informix

In addition to the relational databases the use of csv data is supported, both via upload and online.


Vendor-independent reporting

Beside its own report formats, dynamic list and script reports, ReportServer also supports external report libraries, especially for the realization of graphic reports.
ReportServer comes with the widely-used Open Source libraries Eclipse-Birt and Jasper Reports.