Introduction: What is ReportServer?

ReportServer is the innovative business intelligence- and reporting platform for your company. It is extensive, professional and as easy to handle as a speadsheet.

Complex Reporting System

ReportServer was developed especially for the needs of clients with a high data volume. ReportServer enables you to analyze even the most complex data, process business-critical information within short time frames and make it available purposefully. Smart administration functions allow efficient usage, even when dealing with numerous users.

In a nutshell: ReportServer succeeds in mastering all challenges of reporting systems.

Integration of Eclipse Birt, JasperReports and SAP Crystal Reports

For complex graphical reports, ReportServer supports Eclipse Birt, JasperReports and SAP Crystal Reports. Choose the engine that best suits your needs and easily integrate existing reports.

Ad-Hoc Reports

You need your report immediately? ReportServer supports you in creating ad hoc reports with the help of its so called Dynamic List and that without any specific preparation. The Dynamic List enables you to compile exactly the data that you need for your current task. After gathering the required data, Dynamic Lists can be exported to various different formats such as Microsoft Excel, PDF or XML. Of course, your definition of the Dynamic List can also be stored for later use or scheduled to be generated periodically and delivered directly to your inbox.


ReportServer is based on modern web technology. That makes it easy to integrate ReportServer into your existing infrastructure. What do you need for that? Merely a web browser. It is as simple as that. Our service and the support-portfolio assists you to implement ReportServer in your company quickly and for a reasonable price.

Powerful Tools for Administrators

Business Intelligence platforms are accessed by a large number of users every day that, furthermore, need very different access privileges. Additionally, large number of reports need to be managed, system resources need to be monitored or new datasources need to be integrated. Maybe you have separated test and production systems and reports need to be transported from one to the other. For all these and many more tasks ReportServer offers powerful administration tools that allow administrators to handle them with ease while giving them full control over the process.

Free License

ReportServer is free software with an aGPL license. That means for you: you can download and use ReportServer for free. Other licensing options are available upon request.


Of course we are at your side at anytime. We support you with guides and trainings to launch and run ReportServer. We also offer support services and make sure that ReportServer meets the requirements of your security and sustainability management.

Take a look at our standard support package or contact us for an individual offer.

Online Demo

You are curious how ReportServer works? Just try it out. Here and now. In our online demo you get to know ReportServer and get familiar with the different types of reports. Explore the provided demo data by looking through the various reports or by creating your very own adhoc analysis using the dynamic list.

In addition to these examples from the user’s perspective, you are able to see behind the curtain of ReportServer and into the administrator’s area. Discover how easily objects can be administered and how the hierarchical storage of objects supports you to keep track even when dealing with the most complex company structures.

Go to Online Demo


ReportServer is open source software with an aGPL license. That means: you can start using ReportSever for free and even get into developing custom features that you might need. We are looking forward to your ideas and further developments.

Become part of our open source community:

  • Share your wishes and ideas.
  • Upload bug reports.
  • Participate in the forum.
  • Help to expand the communities’ documentation.
  • Support us in developing ReportServer by handing in patches and add-ons.

Services for ReportServer

Of course we assist you during the setup and are at your side while running ReportServer. We support you remotely via our ticket system and with advanced documentation. For this, take a look at our support subscription packages. Of course, we also offer trainings or even visit you personally. Furthermore we provide various other services in the scope of business intelligence and reporting. Please contact us for an individual offer.